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There are few things that can explain exhilaration and adventure more than surfing the waves on a surfboard, but some times surfers are left frustrated when the sea is calm and there are no waves to surf. Surftek presents a jet powered surfboard that does not require any waves. When you ride a Surftek powered surfboard you become the wave, and you can ride our boards almost anywhere, lakes , the ocean even a big enough pond. Surftek’s persona comes from The South African surfing world. The boards have been designed and engineered to replicate the exhilaration of traditional surfing without the requirement for oceanic waves and/or topology, but granting the owner the thrill of “creating your own wave”. Your Surftek experience comes from ½ a decade of painstakingly engineering and assimilating the feel of surfing without compromising on safety and performance. This summer we invite you to Create Your Wave!!!

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341-3 Bishop Street, Gravenhurst, ON

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