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Canada United Campaign

Introducing Canada United, a movement that brings Canadians together to show their support for local businesses. Local businesses are essential to our economy and communities. These businesses need our help, now more than ever. So, join and participate in the movement, buy local, and spread the word.

Get Relief For Your Small Business!
The Canada United Small Business Relief Fund will be managed by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the national Chamber network in support of other chambers and partners to help small Canadian businesses with their recovery efforts as a result of COVID-19.

If awarded, a relief grant can be used for any of the following activities:

Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields, and latex gloves.
Renovating physical space to adhere to local, Provincial or Federal reopening guidelines.
Developing or improving e-commerce capabilities for your business.


Watch and like to make an impact

-Watch the Canada United videos online

-Like the posts @GoCanadaUnited

-Use #CanadaUnited on Twitter

Every time you do, RBC will contribute 5¢ to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund.

Spread the word

Share our videos and pics, add a sticker or post messages of support on social media, and tell your friends to join you in this movement to help local businesses. Helping out doesn’t get much easier.

Visit GoCanadaUnited.ca or follow @GoCanadaUnited

A nationwide initiative created by RBC in collaboration with our Canada United partners.


Information about the grant program

Canada United is offering small business relief grants of up to $5,000 to help small Canadian businesses with recovery efforts as a result of COVID-19.

The grant funds will grow over the next several weeks as every video watched and social post liked from Canada United will result in a 5¢ contribution from RBC. Funds can be used for PPE, renovations, or e-commerce capabilities.

To determine if you’re eligible to apply for a relief grant or learn more about this program, visit GoCanadaUnited.ca.

Conditions apply